Who Is Alter Ego?


The Brand:

Express your multifaceted personality with our sultry swimwear’s versatile style options. With Alter Ego you can create endless looks with just ONE suit. Our innovative multikinis easily transform into an endless array of glamorous silhouettes, allowing you the flexibility to modify your style in seconds. Perfect for the jetsetting fashionista, our fun and flattering suits can be worn strapless, one-shoulder, halter, and beyond, saving you room in your suitcase without compromising your stylistic spontaneity. You can wear our suits with confidence, knowing we have mastered the design for every booty, creating swimwear that enhances all body types and never cuts into your backside. Mer-made by hand with love in California!


The Designer:

When it comes to outrageous costumes and outfits, there are few who can create a more jaw-dropping statement than Elise Hicks. She began developing her unique artistic vision at a young age by transforming her parents’ vintage clothing into her own custom pieces. Later, as a student in Scottsdale Arizona, known for its wild pool party scene, Elise often wanted to stand out from the crowd in an eccentric monokini, but was afraid of developing unusual tan lines. She created the multikini with this problem in mind, envisioning a suit that could easily change from one piece to two. After moving to San Diego, she was further inspired by the wild art and music scene, which emboldened her to expand the boundaries of her self expression. Understanding that women not only want to look gorgeous, but to express their own ever evolving style and personality, she developed a swimwear line with endless style options that allows women the freedom to be themselves and to change their minds.

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